zero [zir′ō, zē′rō]
pl. zeros or zeroes [Fr zéro < It zero < Ar ṣifr,CIPHER]
1. the symbol or numeral 0, representing the complete absence of any quantity or magnitude
2. the point, marked 0, from which positive or negative quantities are reckoned on a graduated scale, as on a thermometer; specif.,
a) on a centigrade thermometer, the freezing point of water
b) on a Fahrenheit thermometer, a point 32° below the freezing point of water
3. a temperature that causes a thermometer to register zero
4. the point intermediate between positive and negative quantities
5. nothing
6. the lowest point [his chances of success sank to zero]
7. Gunnery a sight setting for a range, allowing for both elevation and windage
1. of or at zero
2. without measurable value
3. Informal not any; no [a snack having zero cholesterol]
4. Aeron.
a) designating or of a ceiling that is at or near the ground, specif. one at a height of fifty feet or lower
b) designating or of visibility along the ground regarded as within the limit of a few feet
5. Linguis. designating a hypothetical inflectional form [the plural of deer is said to be formed by the addition of a zero allomorph of the plural morpheme]
zeroed, zeroing
to adjust (an instrument, etc.) to a zero point or to an arbitrary point from which all positive and negative readings are to be measured
zero in
1. to adjust the zero of (a gun)
2. to aim (a gun) or concentrate (firepower) directly at or on (a target)
zero in on
1. to adjust gunfire so as to be aiming directly at (a target)
2. to concentrate attention on; focus on

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